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We are the servants of a fatherly king. When we look at the Gospel we find three clear identities: family, servant, missionary. In the last article we considered what it meant that we are a Family, in this article we will consider our Identity as a Servant of King Jesus. I am convinced that it is in our service to one another and our neighbors that we find the areas of life where the Gospel can be most fruitfully sown. In serving those who the Father has put us in proximity to we gain access and opportunity into the lives of people that we might not otherwise have.

We find in Jesus a great example of what it means to be a servant. There is a story in the Bible that depicts Jesus kneeling down after a meal to wash the feet of his disciples (followers). He removes his robe, wraps a towel around his waist and begins to do the work of the “lowest” servant of the house. As Jesus washes one of the disciples feet the disciple, named Peter, tries to resist. Jesus helps Peter to understand that this service is necessary.

Ultimately Jesus is wanting to teach the disciples that he is the one who makes them clean, it is the work of Jesus, and Jesus alone that makes us clean. However the underlying teaching here is in our acts of service we show the sacrifice and love of Jesus to another. We show them they are valuable and of worth, that Jesus serves them in a greater way.

Service is vital to the role of the follower of Jesus. It helps us to identify with our King, and share the goodness of the King to others. Service also allows us to see the fertile places in the lives of people for the Gospel to be sown.

We need the Gospel to continually be sown into our lives. There are areas of unbelief that are constantly being revealed in the lives of people who both love and acknowledge Jesus as King as well as those who have not yet believed. The best places in life for the Gospel to be sown and be fruitful are those areas that seem to have the most shit present. When we serve one another and our neighbors we are able to see where life has been stirred up enough and the soil of their lives is most prepared because it is where the fertilizer is.

When we serve one another we do so in the name of Jesus, so that the Gospel is exactly what it needs to be to that person in that moment. It is either a real truth that they have been searching for, it is a reminder that there is in fact good in the universe, that there is something much greater than ourselves at work. When we live a life of service that is founded on the Gospel we present the treasure that humanity is searching for.

Service will be both simple, and complicated. It will be effortless and exhausting. Yet when done from a posture that acknowledges the Spirit of God as our sustainer it will be a joyful activity that offers an opportunity to share the love of God in words and works.

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