Just as in the ancient church we hope facilitate the opportunity for people to find belonging on the road to belief. To foster a culture of belonging we invite people to participate in the life of KALEO in a variety of settings. Belonging provides the opportunity for all people to taste and see that the Lord is good, through both hearing the teachings of the bible and in action in the mission of God.

.:Missional Communities

  • What they are: Missional Communities are groupsĀ of people who are learning what it means to follow Jesus in their thoughts, words, and actions. These communities are the way that we organize the church as we exist in pockets throughout the city.
  • These communities are simple. In fact, they are reflective of people becoming more and more like Jesus. This means that they will be a beautiful mess of life being worked out on the canvas of the Gospel, as we grow in love for one another, our neighbor and God.
  • How they work: These communities meet weekly where they share a meal, participate in a conversation informed by a selected bible passage, pray for our city and one another, and are sent out to live the Gospel in everyday life.
  • How they form: We find that Missional Communities form primarily through relationships and/or proximity.
  • Relationship: If you are already connected to someone in KALEO we invite you to join them in their MC.
  • Proximity: If you are are interacting with us for the first time we invite you to connect to the closest group to you. Contact us to connect you with one of our MC leaders.

Sunday Worship Gathering

Structure (4 Pillars): Our worship gathering follows a four-fold pattern of worship: Word, Gathering, Table, and Sending. These four pillars are not just a crucial part of our worship gatherings they are a crucial part to the life of KALEO. Following the four pillars leads us through an intentional liturgy that allows for full participation by everyone. We will sing together, participate in responsive readings and prayers, study the bible, and take communion together.

Read About Covenant

Children: We love and value our children as they are vital participants in community. We seek to offer unique spaces for them to learn the ways of Jesus, serve, and grow in their relationships with one another. This happens in our Missional Communities, as well as our Sunday gatherings.